strength programming

April 8, 2021

The Way out is Rarely Through: Let’s Rethink How We De-load

If you had asked me early on in my lifting career what I thought of deloading, or periods of lowered volume and/or intensity in order to increase recovery, I’d have groaned, rolled my eyes, and begrudgingly told you that “Yes, I use them” in the same way that I also brush my teeth every night and take my vitamins in the mornings.
April 6, 2021

Positive Attitudes Leave Clues: Creating Belief Systems in Lifting (Pt.2)

In Part 2, I am going to elaborate on how we start to use this building confidence to give a lifter repeat exposures, develop their ability to make decisions based off of training evidence, and how this can begin to move them towards a balance between being coached & coachable, but also executing a high degree of self-actualization