ES Mentorship is now open! Are you ready to level up your coaching and become a leader?

  • Develop the skills to understand human movement, remove pain & produce results
  • Create a coaching career that changes people's lives through strength training
  • Become an elite problem-solver & coaching authority
  • Grow your business with passion & work with clients you love

Next program runs from March 2022. Register below to secure your place. An Ethos Strength coach will contact you to discuss your mentorship.



Sam EverettSam Everett
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Who is the ES Mentorship for?

Personal trainers, Strength Coaches, Clinicians - Physiotherapist, Ex. Phys

I am a new trainer/coach - will I be suitable for this?

As long as you have a baseline of anatomy and strength training, you will gain a lot of experience and knowledge from the course.

The course looks at more advanced levels of biomechanics in strength training, but we have a no-one left behind approach

The lectures are pre-recorded, and you will have access to group and 1:1 calls each week for support

Sam has worked EXTENSIVELY with new trainers, and the course is designed to help both new and experienced coaches with creating successful coaching systems/businesses

I've been coaching a while - what can I expect?

The mentorship gives a detailed understanding of advanced biomechanics and how they relate to your clients & strength coaching including:

  • How to individualise programming and exercise selection based on morphology
  • How to use biomechanical knowledge to resolve common issues in movement
  • How to see beyond superficial answers to use the principles of movement to create lasting change & results

You will use this experience and communicate it in a meaningful way that translates to a more successful & stable business for you as a coach

What is the time commitment?

The program runs for 12 weeks

You will have:

1x 60 minute pre-recorded lecture each week on your education portal

1x 60 minute group live lecture

1x 60 minute group Q&A to troubleshoot client & business issues

What else does it include?

Access to guest lectures, discounts on our other online course offerings, and invitation to our in-person FULL DAY workshop at the end of each mentorship

Do I have to re-register to get future updates?

Your Level 1 enrollment will provide you with 12 months access to all learning modules and group call recordings from your mentorship. To participate in future group calls, you will need to re-enrol. Speak with a coach about your needs.

How much does it cost?

All payment information can be found below

When can I start?

Keep your eye on this page for our next intake and start as soon as you can! Module 1 will be available as soon as you register. Each new module will become available week-by-week.

Register now to secure your place