Head Coach

I am Coach Sam. I am the owner and head coach at Ethos Strength Powerlifting.
I'm a National powerlifting competitor in the U125kg class - currently the 2023 National Bronze medalist for my weight class, after being an IPL World's invitee in 2022.

I also currently hold the APL Australian National record for Bench Press in my weight class, lifting 205.5kg.

If I'm not lifting you'll find me listening to Gang of Youths, going to gigs, watching Lord of the Rings & hanging out with my wife & cats.
I've been a strength coach for the last ten years, presenting at global fitness conferences and working internationally.  

There is nothing I love more than helping people find what they're capable of. Strength can give us so much purpose and confidence in who we are, and I see it as a privilege to provide that to others.

 When I am not coaching my own athletes, I am in charge of all of the programming you'll experience at Lift Club!  

When you're having a tough session you're welcome to blame me - but you're going to have a lot more fun and see a ton of progress, so that makes it all worth it


  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Pre-Script Level 1 Coach
  • PolyHealth Nutrition Coach
  • McGill Method Level 1
  • DTS Level 1
  • DTS Hypertrophy Coach
  • DTS Fat Loss Coach
  • Zona Functional Movement Assessment Level 1 & 2
  • Game-Day Coaching Mastery
  • Emerging Strategies Framework (Advanced Program Design)
  • Crucial Accountability

  • 2010 IBJJF SA 93kg White Belt Gold Medalist
  • 2011 IBJJF Pan-Pacifics 93kg Blue Belt Bronze Medalist
  • 2014 Spartan Sprint Finisher
  • 2017 CanFitPro Powerlifting Meet 105kg – Gold Medal
  • 2017 Edmonton Santa Clause Classic 105kg – Gold Medal
  • 2018 PA Australian Championships 105kg – Gold Medal
  • 2019 PA Strength Fortress Open 105kg – Gold Medal
  • 2019 PA Nationals Bench Only 105kg – Gold Medal
  • 2020 PA Paragon Open 120kg - Gold Medal
  • 2022 IPL World Powerlifting Championships (Invitee)
  • 2023 APL Tested Nationals -125kg Bronze Medalist
  • 2023 APL Australian National Record: 205.5kg Bench Press, -125kg Male Category
  • DAN


    I am coach Dan, and I take some of the lift club classes at Ethos Strength.

    The thing I most like about coaching is the satisfaction of being able to see how people improve week on week and seeing their confidence grow within the gym and outside of it as well.

    I have been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2017, and have assisted coaching at the European equipped bench press championships with team Great Britain. I have also handled athletes at the British equipped championships and British raw Bench press championships. Earlier this year I also assisted with athletes at the APL nationals in Brisbane.

    Me and my Partner moved to Adelaide from the UK last year and we have enjoyed meeting lots of great people and experiencing what Australia has to offer.

    In my spare time I enjoy doing my own powerlifting training, playing Basketball and playing video games.


  • L2 certificate in fitness instructing
  • L3 certificate in personal training
  • Advanced level apprenticeship in sporting excellence
  • Sports leaders UK level 2 award in community sports leadership

  • Assistant coach at European equipped bench press championships 2022 in Budapest, Hungary
  • Assistant coach at APL National Powerlifting Championships 2023
  • JOSH


    I am Coach Josh, and I am a coach at Ethos Strength

    I am a National Level Powerlifting Competitor and Coach, and have been competing in the sport for close to 2 years, and coaching for 1, and I absolutely love it.
    I work with people face to face, online and through classes, including a class aimed at bringing a team to the Special Olympics for Powerlifting here in SA.
    My passion for coaching stems from both a love of lifting and what it can do for people, both physically and mentally, and a deep love for teaching people how to break through barriers to achieve great things.
    If I am not lifting you will catch me listening to music, especially pop punk and alternative metal, playing dungeons and dragons, or spending time with my dog Ollie. 
    I see strength as a fantastic way for people to discover a new side to themselves, and I truly believe powerlifting is the most supportive environment for that goal in the world.
    I love training, talking about training and helping people get stronger, and have been lucky to work with a great team of athletes here at Ethos Strength. My coaching is focused on being individualized, empathetic and making people better overall athletes in the gym.

  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Ethos Strength Mentorship
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology
  • Masters Degree in Secondary Teaching

  • APL Tested Nationals Competitor
  • Assistant coach for APL Tested Nationals
  • Special Olympics SA Powerlifting Team Coach








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    We take care of programming for you with LIFT CLUB CLASSES

    Show up, work hard with the Ethos Strength Team and have every day feel like a huge competition PR.


    Build strong glutes, explosive power and a winning deadlift every week as our coaches guide & hype you up every step of the way. We will help you build confidence & technique with the most challenging lift of them all.

    Lift Club Bench Day brings the best in programming and coaching to help you smash PRs, bulletproof your shoulders & build confidence under the bar. Add kilos to your bench every week with a team of coaches guiding every step of the way.

    Our HIIT & conditioning classes are designed to help you develop your fitness, strength & movement under the bar to get the most out of your training, work harder for longer, and leave every session better & fitter than when you showed up. All levels of fitness & experience are welcome. 

    Learn how to squat effectively with great technique and add kilos to the bar under the guidance of our experienced coaches. Never let technical issues & training plateaus hold you back ever again. For all experience levels.

    If you're wanting to get the feel for a powerlifting competition, get an extra challenge out of your training, or train your ability to put all three lifts together at once, Comp Ready will be the perfect fit for you. For lifters looking for an extra level of challenge in their classes!

    24/7 Access

    Close proximity to the city (free tram)

    1800kg Competition Calibrated Plates

    7 Competition Powerlifting Bars + Speciality bars

    3 deadlift platforms

    5 IPF combo racks

    Pendulum Squat


    T Bar Row

    Dumbbells to 40kg

    Resistance bands & bench blocks

    Change room & kitchen facilities

    Leg Press/Extension

    Lat Pulldown

    Cable Cross